USA – Our journey begins

Today we left for New York . I couldn’t sleep last night, the entire two weeks spent were rewinding in my thoughts.It felt just yesterday that we landed in San Francisco. The anxiety levels were floating high in air ,when we began our trip , and we were all set to have a blast. We were lucky that we had my brother in law and his wife ,staying in Dublin, California.
We reached in the apartment and nothing demanded more than a hot water bath after a days travel.We were not feeling jet lagged but now we had to match our sleeping time with the USA time.
I still couldn’t believe that we were going to witness the astounding beauty of California state.  When in school, I had read that California experiences the tropical climate and hence it is blessed with a pleasant climate, a colourful extravaganza of flowers,fruits and cool breeze which soothes your mind , heart and soul.
On our way home from the airport , we travelled on the road which was exactly parallel to the majestic Pacific Ocean. Since the state is close to the pacific it is slightly warm in the morning and temperature dips to make your bones chilled .I does experience summer also.We had been in the month of May and we experienced the warm and cod weather. I don’t remember a day where I would have stepped out of the house without a jacket.
It took time for me to understand the traffic rules here as they sounded extremely complex because I was not on the drivers seat . But was amazed with the discipline followed by the country while driving. The streets stood silent without any horns damaging your ear drums be it a signal or be it in motion. The vehicles halt when you cross the road and they would maintain absolute patience to allow you to cross the road.  Passerby’s wish you or smile their way making you feel that this country is certainly has a style statement of its own. The streets were extremely clean and the citizens very responsible to not litter around.
Well, this was just the beginning and I know I more going to continue being impressed in my tour of the USA – the superpower .
Acolourful fiesta