When the night falls…

The night fell with a silence. There was a slight nip in the air. As I stood in my window watching the quite life outside , I saw the world calling it a day. Somewhere saw a father stroking his baby to sleep , somewhere saw a big screen TV playing news . The pigeons that create a nuisance throughout the day cooing in my window ,fluttering their wings randomly ,disturbing my little one’s beauty sleep, have all settled on the window sill with their necks tucked in. The park next to my apartment is closed and will be back in action the next day early morning.

Remembered those quite old days , when working in a hard-core corporate , used to be home fighting the traffic drenched with sweat and fatigue. Seeing the garden where I felt I could also be one of the many moms out there swinging my child and enjoying his version of day spent. I always used to look forward for this part of the day . I would love to wrap up of the day with my son’s innocent talks on what happened during the day. The dinner used to be a rich one ,not by means of we literally stuffing ourselves silly, but with the light banter that we as a family used to have. We used to laugh our hearts out when our child used to give his version of his seen world for that day. It only generated positivity for the day to come.

Ultimately , its only that however the day is, the night falls and we choose to wrap up our worries, good thoughts and our anxieties . We drift ourselves to sleep with all these feelings and we know that the next day to come will again be a new day,a new hope , a new beginning. I still saw the dad stroking his baby to sleep and felt there he is still struggling to end the day but babies as naughty as they are they choose to postpone the sleep. Only to get that little more time from his dad which she yearned for the entire day. Today the night truly is mesmerizing , all beautiful and all were just getting to retire with their pillows of worries, happiness , togetherness, regrets and anxieties. Some choose to stay awake , some choose to just say.. chill I want to rest come what may be. It is true night is just a beginning of the day next. Sleep well this night!