The new year breakfast


31 st December 2016 ,it was time to say a good-bye to the old year and welcome the new year. Old thoughts good or bad would linger in your mind, you would mull about the lessons learnt and would always hope and aspire for more better quality of life in the days to come. I did that in the last few days of the year 2016, I sat back with a piping hot cup of chai and made mental ” post its”of what the year that will end was like.Like all of us think, old thoughts should get wiped off and new should replace them. Every thought makes an earnest attempt to impact your thought process to be positive in approach and make a lasting impression on your mind. The year went by me enjoying my motherhood in its  second innings, my husband exploring new career avenue, my elder son became more receptive and intriguing about life matters( sometimes it was very tough to handle too). But the closure of the year was good.

Year 2016, gave me a test of my own capabilities, it made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses, it was like a revision of your own self. Why I am saying this ? It’s because, it was me and only me who managed my infant in his babyhood that included his extreme hyperactivity at every milestone, his illnesses , where I sat up the entire night with him finding a cozy warmth in my lap, his diet and love for trying various food and of course his every expression that made me aware that yes!! you are his proud dad and mom is. Of course, his father was there to witness it but only in the last hour of the day , when my little learner would be a little awake to create a bond with his father and impress him with his baby talk. Year 2016 also was a satisfaction of being a good ideal daughter where I planned a foreign trip for my parents who have always and always thought of their daughters and family members. Thanks to my cousins in Canada and Mumbai. But the year gone also was a litmus test of being a mother of my seven-year old son where he was facing challenging times with his behavior and battling insecurity of having a sibling.

But all that ends well is meant to have ended the right way. The last day of the year we headed to Ashwini Gardens , a beautiful resort situated in Bordi ,with our cousins ,many of us as parents and some of them as bachelors and spinsters, ensured we bid a grand farewell to the year gone. Our inseparable children were all geared up.They too were creating a bond among each other like their respective parents. The new year morning, being Sunday, we woke up and headed for a piping hot cup of  chai.  It was very cold in the dining area, but it was pleasant enough to calm down your mind. I was relaxing , unlike everyday morning my rush to make two set of breakfasts and packing of each meal tiffin was absent. Each sip of ginger chai made me enjoy each peaceful moment . After a small interval, we were called for breakfast and lo! it was really an elaborate and a tasty treat. Before we could tempt our tummy , we drank Neera which was straight from the sap of the tree and of course in the purest form. It had a very sweet taste and was really refreshing. Ashwini (the proud owner of the resort) gave us a scientific explanation of how healthy it was to drink neera on empty stomach  . Post this we attacked the spread of breakfast.It was a very simple breakfast but what made it most beautiful was the entire second generation of  our family  were hogging and were enjoying the light banter. These set of cousins (my husbands cousins) ,their wives, our children and our unmarried  cousins, all of us had so much to talk and tease about. Precisely, the hot piping chai, sandwiches, with tenderly stuffed capsicum ,veggies and cheese, Kande pohe , masala omelette, sunny side up omelette and the crispy butter fried toast were all just playing their roles of tickling our taste buds and instigating our breakfast talks with so much of laughter and positive reflections of days to come.While I ate my fill,I was eternally happy that my year began with so much of peace, happiness and needless to say with my very own people . That day we all left the breakfast table only with giggles and my husband too felt that he could spend his new year eve with his best buddies with whom he has grew up.

Needless to say, I started trusting the very fact that if you want a good start ensure that you have a good breakfast. It is really important that you eat well to begin well and live well!! Some of my friends follow this diligently, they include a variety of spread on the breakfast table , like a bowl of cut fruits, some milk shake and whatever you wish to add along with these two portions of nutrition. As I finished my breakfast, I made a conscious decision to remember my major actionable for the year 2017. How good was your new year breakfast ? What mood are you carrying for the year to come ? If  you havent ,never mind , it’s never late . Rise up, cook up soulful meal and eat well and I am  sure your taste buds too will tickle your thoughts and you too will know your actionable for this year. Happy breakfast and happy thinking!!