A beautiful essay written by my student-The first rainfall

Ever since I have learnt creative writing and felt it is a skill that I possess, I kept pushing myself to make this passion a full-time effort to make me a writer in the long run. Writing to me is like venting out my original self and when I read the output I feel I am feeling better , I feel rejuvenated. My written words play a wonderful chemistry in the write-up and I feel proud of my creation. Its been 3 years since I chose to take up this alternate career. In these 3 years I could build up a writing portfolio to begin with and last, but not the least, my confidence seems to get better that I can write well and I need to reach that level of excellent penmanship.

Starting from this academic year , I decided to teach creative writing to the secondary  school kids and thought of devising the curriculum all by myself. It was a fabulous experience to start something new and after such a huge hiatus. I felt liberated. Teaching, as said , is not so easy but when teaching your own favorite subject, it certainly is fun.

Here below, I present you a fantastic write-up of my first student ,Tanya Batra, studying in the eighth grade. About Tanya, her favorite subjects are History, Math and Engineering. She loves reading on these subjects . The assignment given to Tanya was to choose any topic of her choice and present a small write-up. She surprised me with such beautiful words and I decided to publish it in my personal space. So here we go!

The first rainfall

I remember the sky being overcast when I had gone to bed last night. I stood in the balcony to see the night sky. It was my favorite pastime to find constellations in the night sky when all was silent and all were asleep. There was no moon in sight only a few stars peeking through the clouds.

I woke up to the sound of heavy rain in the morning. I had curled up in my bed. There was a sudden drop in the temperature making the weather very pleasant and cool. I switched off the fan and looked out of the window. Dark rain bearing clouds crowded the sky roaring now and then and then. The hide-n-seek of thunder and lightning began.  Roaring and rumbling shook the sky. The trees by the road were freshly bathed as if they were rejoicing in the first monsoon showers. They appeared very verdant and it felt as if they were back to life after the scorching heat of summer. The raindrops pattering at my window pane seemed to beckon me to come out. I noticed a pigeon flapping water off its wings on the opposite window.

By the time I came for breakfast , the rain had reduced to a drizzle. I sat in the balcony to listen to the soft pitter-patter of the last few drops of rain.

It continued to drizzle till afternoon. The rest of the day was pleasant with cool breeze flowing. When the night fell I could still smell the wet mud of the parched earth from the first rainfall.

-Tanya Batra


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