An immersion day chosen by His Almighty.

The auspicious month of Shravan brings in a beautiful spell in all our lives. It sets the mood of the festivities to follow and needless to say the grandeur with which we prepare for our all divine festivals make you feel light and invigorated.After Shravan comes the ten day festival of Ganesh Chathurthi which is the most pious and ofcourse the favourite festival of Maharashtra.Entire west coast decks up to welcome the lord.
At my in-laws we welcome the Lord for five days. My children too share the same sentiment that I do…of getting geared up to decorate the throne on which my Lord will be sitting to bless us.On the onset of Ganesh Chathurthi,we experienced light showers but then on the very first day the Lord decided to make a grand entry by pouring out the entire sky on the city. It felt as if he was blessing the kingdom with water so that no drought hits the black soil of Maharashtra.At home we were all busy cooking sweets and singing aartis,visiting our relatives. This time of the year I feel high on spirits and my mood is all elevated.
Five days just flew off and then on the visarjan(immersion)day we again had a cloudburst like weather condition.The condition was getting worst where waterlogging had begun and the means and modes of communications were slowly coming to a halt.We were thinking on how best and what time should we start for immersion.After much contemplation in the afternoon we started for immersion with our God seated on my father in laws lap. My husband was driving and we all seated in the car saw the huge downpour . The entire twenty minutes drive from home to the immersion spot all of us in the car were brainstorming on how we should carry out the most sacred activity in such a condition where the rain was so angry . Every year we immerse our God at Juhu beach and it is extremely crowded during the ten days. When we reached the spot to our shocking surprise there was not a single soul on the beach.The coast side coconut trees were swaying in rage as if they would now bend and break on our way. There were no traffic cops for patrolling and no life guards either.It seriously was a day where mother nature had poured her heart out. Inside our car, my husband,my eight year old son and my in-laws and me were just thinking of what next?? You cannot open the door, if you do so the gush of water will drench you.It was windy too!!! At this time, my husband took a very bold call. He decided to do the aarti in the car we did not light the lamp and after we finished our quick prayers we decided to take the next step .My husband stepped out to see if any lifeguard was there to help him carry the almighty to the sea.The Arabian Sea was showing its outrageous version and even though it was not a high tide, the coast of the very unlike Juhu beach was making us feel it will sweep you away. With great spirits and positivity my husband and my father-in-law picked up the lord and took him to the sea.It was a dramatic scene where I saw the tidal waves beating the coast and these two lonely souls carried our God and did a very systematic immersion. His almighty wanted to go back only in the hands of us and he made that happen.Every year the immersion plays a very sad sentiment within me but this time it was sad but a contented feeling where I felt that”He” chose it this way.

After we narrated this account to everyone some said you could have immersed Ganapati bappa on the seventh day but it was always why deviate..when you can you should your sheer will your trust in “Him” will sail you through all odds. My son witnessed some wonderful qualities of his father…he saw the immense composure in time of adversity and the truthful and pure conscience with which you worship God to which God reciprocates that He is there with you in all odd and tough times but you should keep your faith and trust in Him. He will sail you safe and never let you down..Truly our bappa proved it right and made our faith stronger. Ganapati bappa morya!!!