Life can teach you many things – good or bad is what you decide on the negative or positive output that you derive. I feel that living life and making the most of it is the best sermon but not all of us are able to live up to it at all times. Life is my best teacher and I know it will continue to teach and impress me throughout. Take up each challenge, live the moment , feel the zeal …let you feel that life is a sprint and you should keep running . No matter what you aim for but always get started towards your aim , you will soon discover nothing but a beautiful story called life.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi – though I like your positive approach to life – but there are times when things dont go as planned and energy levels dip to fight the downfall we are facing. What do we do in such times – any views !

    1. Hi Nanette

      Instances which may take you by surprise in spite of your anticipation are bound to happen. When you plan for something i am sure you look for the 360 degree study and you do not leave for any scope of failure. But in spite of your preparedness if things go wrong you are posed in difficult situations. You never stop breathing or you never stop walking or take a reverse from your aim that’s why i have said , life is a sprint you need to keep running. Practically, i am sure it will be difficult, i have experienced failure in spite of me doing the 10 on 10 job but I also strongly believe in the fact that whatever happens happens for good. When you look back and see , you will realize that it could have gone bad but it was averted and that should not drop or sag you. I wont say take life as it comes, fight it out , that should be your slogan.. you will then emerge as a strong person ready to face life surprises.All the best to you.

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